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04.15.09 53 Comments

We all know Twilight fans can build up quite an appetite stabbing people, getting Twilight tattoos, and making models of Bella’s uterus. Luckily for them, now when they need a burst of quick energy, they can turn to these tasty, synergylicious special-edition Sweethearts candies called “Forbidden Fruits.” [Editor’s Note: I know, right?].  The hearts are glittery and feature Twilight-related phrases such as “LAMB,” “SOUL MATE,” “BITE ME,” “TRUST ME,” and “DAZZLE,” with flavors Orange Obsession, Tempting Apple, Secret Strawberry, and Passion Fruit. What, no Anal Doesn’t Count Chocolate? And for the adult who has to buy these for their kid, Convenient Cyanide.

I want to eat these candies really f*cking bad… but I wonder… maybe they’re tastier if I don’t?

[via Cinematical]

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