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12.04.08 27 Comments

What’s that, you say? Wrong Tyler-Perry?

Tyler Perry took the stand yesterday in Texas during the trial of a lawsuit brought by Donna West, who accuses Perry of lifting parts of Diary of a Mad Black Woman from her play, Fantasy of a Black Woman.  She is asking for all of Perry’s $50 million profit.

Perry insisted that his screenplay is an original work, but under questioning by West’s attorney, said he did not know whether anyone actually saw him write the script.

Oh snap!  See, this is why hipsters always write their screenplays in coffee shops.  I mean if no one sees you writing, why even bother?

West’s attorney, Aubrey “Nick” Pittman, suggested that Perry copied ideas from other movies and incorporated them into his box office hit. He asked Perry whether he had taken concepts from “Mrs. Doubtfire,” “The Color Purple,” “An Officer and a Gentleman” and Martin Lawrence’s role in “Big Momma’s House.”
“I never stole anything from anybody — never,” Perry said, locking his eyes with the jury. [AP]

Ouch.  Getting compared to Big Momma’s House has to hurt.  Still, I’m pretty sure you can’t claim a copyright on the entire man-playing-a-fat woman concept. Also, The Color Purple doesn’t seem to fit the comparison. But it did have Oprah in it, so I guess I can understand the confusion.

An Officer and a Gentleman… that’s a Kenan Thompson sketch, right?

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