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Uwe Boll is a terrible filmmaker known mainly for making films about video games and for basically being that foreign exchange student who says funny things and then gets pissed when you laugh at him.  His latest attempt at relevance is a film about the genocide in Darfur, which stars Billy Zane and has a typo in the trailer.  Is anyone surprised?  It goes without saying that a country that endures endless civil war, genocide, and a generation of lost boys should not be forced to be the setting of a Uwe Boll film.  However, there’s reason to believe things in Sudan aren’t all sadness and AIDs, famine and Billy Zane.  Namely, this guy:

“Hey, Shorty, you’re really looking nice.  Let me take you to the movie, because I know you like. You got nothing to worry about.  Hold the popcorn and the drink, let me pay the money so that we can get in. Let’s sit on the stool-chairs alone, watching a movie.”  -Bangs.

I hereby nominate this for the new “Let’s all go to the lobby” song.

[via Twitch, BestWeekEver]

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