Uwe Boll films a fat chick, Clint Howard

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10.25.10 11 Comments

Clint Howard is looking better

Fresh off his awesome-looking Auschwitz movie, which in turn followed quickly on the heels of his brilliant-looking Darfur movie with a misspelled trailer starring Billy Zane (side note: it’s almost as if he’s not taking much time on these), Uwe Boll is going back to intentional comedy with Blubberella.  It’s about a fat superhero and co-stars Clint Howard, much like my bizarro-world sex fantasies.  Twitch discovered the project in the American Film Market listings:

…by my count at least his third directorial effort of the year along with Bloodrayne: The Third Reich and Auschwitz. This one? Horror comedy Blubberella. The pitch?

The first female fat superhero … She will kick major ass – with her major ass …

All the BLOODRAYNE fans will love that movie!

All the Bloodrayne fans?  Why stop there, why not every dyslexic eskimo in Green Bay?

Bear with me on this but I actually think that this is the sort of film that plays to Boll’s strengths. When his stuff doesn’t work it is almost always – at least in part – because it takes itself far too seriously but when he plays for comedy – see Postal – it turns out that the guy’s actually got really good timing and a screw you mentality that leads to some solid laughs. [Twitch]

I put that in there as a counter point, because I saw Postal and I thought it looked like what it was: an attempt at comedy by someone who seems borderline autistic.  Unless you think “over the top” = “automatically funny” (and I mean that in the Dinner for Schmucks sense and not in the Jackass sense), it’s f*cking unwatchable.  It’s generally a bad sign when the best part of your movie is Dave Foley’s flaccid c*ck.


[banner image via TJackson, from 1993’s “Ticks“]

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