10.15.07 11 years ago 22 Comments

Over the weekend, one of the fine fellows at CityofFilms sent me this clip, which is apparently a "pre-sell teaser" for JCVD, an actual Van Damme biopic about that’s being produced by Luc Besson’s company.

In the clip, which is supposed to be funny, Van Damme shows up to a fictional casting call to campaign for the part of himself, and delivers lines like "Love is like milk when you get a coffee."  

The clip is a lot like a Van Damme movie, in that it has some classic lines, is three times as long as it needs to be, and you spend the whole time watching it wondering why everyone seems to be afraid of Jean Claude Van Damme, who’s basically a Belgian ballet dancer.  I’d rather see thunderdome between him and Topher Grace.  Or possibly the clip of him getting a boner on live TV (after the jump).

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