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I just wanted to let you all know that it’s totally safe to stop wearing your seat belts, going to church or continuing your leukemia treatment, because thanks to another video game film adaptation, the world will soon be safe again. Back in April, Vince reported on pre-production issues which had halted the upcoming Gore Verbinski production of Bioshock, an XBox 360 game being adapted for the big screen *sad trombone*. Well good news, in an effort to save money on the proposed $160 million production, Universal has slated the film to shoot overseas, taking full advantage of foreign tax cuts. This info knocks Verbinski out of directing duties, stepping aside to producer while 28 Weeks Later director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (first read as Fresna”dildo”) is negotiating to take over as director.

With “Bioshock,” Fresnadillo is stepping into one of the highest-profile projects on the Universal roster. Verbinski came attached as director when Universal made a multimillion- dollar against gross percentage acquisition from Take-Two. Verbinski then stepped away from directing his fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film because he expected to be in production on “Bioshock” last spring in Los Angeles. [Variety]

You know, a television commercial once attempted to prey on my ability to feel guilty at 1:37AM and told me that for just ten cents a day, the same price as a cup of coffee, I could become a better Christian by sponsoring a child in a foreign country. So, just to add some perspective to this, with $160 million, that’s one billion and six-hundred millions sponsorships Universal could afford. That’s like one billion and six hundred million mouths we could stuff with Big Macs. Where am I going with this? To say that I’ll be damned if a bunch of starving kids think that they can get between me and my video game-based movies. Nothing personal, just consider yourselves all casualties of my war on Xbox live.


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