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(Trailer contains some naughty language, so shield your ears or put in your tampon or whatever)
While we all wait for Mel Gibson’s Viking epic starring Leonardo Caprio, a movie called The Wild Hunt from director Alexandre Franchi is currently playing the Santa Barbara Film Festival.  Finally, a film about Viking LARP (Live Action Role Playing) that doesn’t skimp on the sexual assault.  It’s like they read my mind!  Key line in the trailer:

“I know some girls, they role play medieval prostitutes and they have sex with men who pay them in fake coins.”

So where do these girls hang out?  ‘Cause hey, I got fake coins.  I got a whooooole chest full of ’em.  *leans back in chair* Anyway, I have a spy down at this film festival who assures me that The Wild Hunt is indeed as badass as it seems.  It doesn’t have distribution deal yet, but be sure you watch the trailer until the end.  Sh*t. Gets. Real.

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