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Vinnie Jones was recently acquitted of assault charges in conjunction with this bar fight in South Dakota

Juan Barrera said they were playing pool when Jones asked to play, then got offended when one of them asked if he was “that guy from X-Men.” Barrera said he was punched by Jones and countered with one or two of his own. “He got offended by that, and he started pushing my other friends around. He said he’s been in so many other movies or whatever.”

Jones says:

Jones said he posed for photos with locals and signed autographs and eventually went over to a pool table and asked to join.  Jones said one of the two men at the table said, “You’re Juggernaut from ‘X-men.’ You’re not getting in the game.”

The other man told him to go back to his friends and then Barrera, the third member of the group, “storms up” and said, “‘If you’re wearing that LA Dodgers hat, you’ve got a problem.’ I said, ‘If it pleases you, I’ll turn the hat around,”‘ Jones said.

Barrera started using profanities, one of the other men spit on Jones and hit him in the face with a beer mug, Jones said. The other man then hit him with a beer bottle, he said.  “Now there’s so much blood, there’s girls screaming, there’s guys going mad,” Jones said.  “I knew I was in over the top here and was in a bad situation.”

Jones said he wanted to leave because a woman was yelling that someone had a knife, but the bar manager walked him toward the restroom to wash his cuts.  He said in the hallway they encountered Barrera, who asked, “Have you had enough old man?”

With the screams of a knife in back of him and the much larger Barrera in front of him in the small corridor, Jones said he expected “100 percent” Barrera was going to hit him with a glass in his left hand.  “I thought he was going to do what his mates had just done,” Jones said. “I thought he was going to smash me with a glass when he came past.”  He said his decision to lunge at Barrera “was driven by fear.” [USA Today]

Wow, so either the prima donna movie star went nuts when someone dared mention one of his movies, or the sensitive actor was forced to defend himself only after being menaced by some local toughs who made his girlfriends cry and were racist against juggernauts.  Who to believe!  We don’t need a jury, we need Uncle Phil or Mr. Belvedere to come teach us an important lesson about lying. Preferably through song.

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