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05.15.08 44 Comments

Jack Black showed up to Cannes with 40 guys in Panda costumes and then hammed it up like only Jack Black can to promote the premier of his new movie, Kung Fu Panda.  These are the kind of stunts you have to pull when you’re promoting a Dreamworks movie. 

Let’s take a second to compare animation studios here: Pixar – Makes a movie about a future 800 years from now.  Mankind has left the planet hoping to return once it’s cleaned up – a task left to robots.  All the robots have since broken down except for one, Wall E, with a tiny little glitch.  He’s developed a personality.  Wall E then falls in love with the far more advanced robot sent to Earth to check on its progress.

Dreamworks:  Look, it’s a Panda! Who does Kung Fu!  Get it?  Because Kung Fu is from China, and so are Pandas, LOL!  Oh, and we have 12 sequels planned – Chow Mein Panda, Dry Clean Panda, Sweatshop Panda, Three Gorges Dam Project Panda…  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’d like to rape someone while dressed as a Panda.  See, because Pandas are notoriously uninterested in sex. Think of the irony! I’d yell as I thrusted.


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