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01.05.09 18 Comments

A 3-D ad for Monsters vs. Aliens (latest trailer here) will air during the Super Bowl February 1st and again later in the month during a special 3-D broadcast of Chuck. In other news, recording commercials and Chuck is a great way to confuse the f-ck out of your Tivo.

The glasses [which you’ll need to fully experience the commercial, of course], which use the new Intel InTru 3D [the newfangled type of 3-D] and ColorCode 3-D, will be distributed free at Pepsi/ SoBe Life Water displays at 28,000 locations including grocery, drug and electronics stores and big-box retailers [like your mom].

It seems like Pepsi completely fell off the pop culture map for a while there, but now they’re back with a new logo, which just so happens to look a lot like the Barack Obama logoCheck out our new flavor, Yes We Cran! A little game I like to play is to go to restaurants that only serve Pepsi and order a Diet Coke, and then when they say “Is Diet Pepsi okay?” I just shriek at the top of my lungs and sprint out the door.


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