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03.09.10 14 Comments

Klik hier om het video filmpje te bekijken

I don’t ask much of you guys, because what am I, your girlfriend?  But I’m telling you, you want to watch this video.  It’s Logorama, the Oscar-winning animated short, in its entirety.  Directed by François Alaux, Herve de Crecy, and Ludovic Houplain, imagine a modern film noir set in a strange land where everything is a corporate logo. My only criticism, I don’t remember The Noid ever showing up. Remember the Noid? I’d love to see The Noid and Chester Cheetah sharing a squalid apartment like a couple of burned out tweekers.

NOID: Hey Chester. You think that lady’s baby’s okay?

CHESTER: Whaddya mean?  What baby?

NOID: I mean… you didn’t have to push the stroller in front of the bus like that.

CHESTER: Hey, Dummy: I pushed da stroller inta da street ta distract her so you could snatch ‘er purse, remember. Now lemme axe ya somethin: Did we eat today?

NOID: Yeah.

CHESTER: What’s dat? Couldja speak up, I din’t quite hear ya.

NOID: I said yeah!

CHESTER: Dat’s what I tought. Now stop axing so many stupid questions, yer gettin on my last noive.

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