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08.27.08 75 Comments

I know what you’re thinking reading that headline, but sorry, they’re not that young. I mean, I’m not a priest. Anyway, IGN has some new potty mouth and bare breast-filled clips from the movie Young People F***ing. In the one above, Aaron Abrams yells at Carly Pope that he wants her to pretend she’s just a “giant pussy with feet.” Hey, I think that was Zac Efron’s nickname in high school. Zing!

The movie comes out on DVD in October, and stars Diora Baird’s breasts which deserve to be recognized as a World Heritage site. You can watch the boob-filled clip here. It features a guy watching another man have sex with his wife. I believe there’s a Spanish insult for that. In fact, I think all Spanish insults are words for that.

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