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11.15.08 55 Comments

As you can see, the new Coraline poster is out.  If this movie were about me, the room with all the light spilling out would be full of hot chicks peeing.  What?  It’s erotic.

Biggest Bond ever – Quantum of Solace makes $27 mil on Friday.  In related news, I got a free drink when someone thought I was someone else.   [RopeofSilicon]

Burn E, the short attached to Wall E, is now available for free online.  If robots were this cute in real life, the Japanese might not be so GD weird. [TrailerAddict]

Fake Joaquin Phoenix explains his retirement from acting. [ScreenJunkies]

The Spirit has a Christmas trailer set to that one Christmas song.  Thisisgonnasuck thisisgonnasuck thisisgonnasuck… [Filmonic]

The Dark Knight’s musical score has been ruled ineligible for an Oscar. It is, however, still eligible for a dismissive wanking motion.  Hooray, it won! [NYTimes]

New poster for The Day the Earth Stood Still looks a lot like old poster for Independence Day.  Welcome da Still Earff! [Empire]

ET visits the set of Prince of Persia.  Is it just me, and I’m not just saying this because his movies suck, but does Jerry Bruckheimer kinda look like a little kid with Down Syndrome?  Or maybe it’s that he gets his hair cut by a little kid with Down Syndrome?  [ET]

Pictures of “LARPers” – that’s Live Action Role Players.  They’re as sexy as you’d imagine.  [holytaco]

That dude from Will & Grace wants to eat vagina.  It’s funny because I thought he was queer.  [Atom]

Gary Busey is still delightfully insane. “Hear that dog barking?  That is not my dog.”  [CollegeHumor]

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