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11.19.08 42 Comments

When fans of 2003 Korean movie Old Boy heard that Spielberg and Will Smith were planning a remake, the immediate fear was that they’d turn it into something crappy and mediocre.  Luckily, Spielberg and Smith are both really rich and don’t care what you think, so they’re trying to hire Mark Protosevich, a writer known for his work on crappy, mediocre blockbusters like Poseidon (2006) and I Am Legend.  It was reportedly Smith’s idea, since they’d worked together on I Am Legend.

So I’ve sat here for forty minutes now trying to think of something to say that won’t ruin the plot of the original for those who haven’t seen it, but I got nothing.  Ten bucks says the new one will be about Will Smith having to save his daughter from terrorists, and he’ll have to run ten miles with his shirt off in the rain.  The only thing that’s keeping her alive?  A father’s love.


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