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03.24.10 25 Comments

Variety today reports that Will Smith has narrowed his next project down to two possibilities.  One of those is Men in Black 3, the most anticipated movie of six years ago.  You might wonder how bad the other one is for there to even be a choice…

Penned by Andrew Niccol, The City that Sailed revolves around a New York street magician who is unhappily separated from his young daughter. The girl, who moves to London, finds magic candles that make her wishes come true, with unintended consequences: The island of Manhattan separates from the continent and floats toward England, bringing her dad ever closer. [Variety]

Alternate title: Hope Floats. Anyway, at this stage, no one knows which way he’s leaning.  But according to my exclusive source who was behind Will Smith at a Starbucks recently, he overheard Smith telling his agent, “I whistled for some crap, and when it came near, it was full of magic candles and the title was queer!  If anything, I could say that this script was rare, but I thought, hell, I’ll do it. I’m rich bitch, who cares!”

*Roger Rabbits over to the corner*

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