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10.07.09 31 Comments

When I heard that Chris Rock and Oprah would be working together, my first thought was that Oprah should give him a third of her food, and then maybe they’d both look normal.  No word on that, but their movie will be called Will You be My Black Friend?

The project stems from a November GQ magazine article written by senior correspondent Devin Friedman, who began a self-conscious search for black friends on Craigslist. The white, married Manhattan journalist then pursued his quixotic quest to expand his social circle, with unexpected results. Lionsgate and Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Films are partnering to develop the comedy with Chris Rock starring. [THR]

Wait, so trying to have black friends is “quixotic”?  Do they mean because it’s some old-timey thing that doesn’t happen anymore?  Like, where’s your black friend?  Oh, he’s hanging out in my garage next to the horse carriage and Nash Rambler.   Or maybe they mean because black people are tall and like to swing their arms around like a windmill?  I guess I could see that.  Either way, I think The Hollywood Reporter should change their name to The Hollywood Racist.

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