11.30.09 8 years ago 30 Comments

The Guy Ritchie/Brad Pitt/Jason Statham classic Snatch comes out on Blu-Ray tomorrow, and in support of its release, they asked if I would sponsor a giveaway for wheel less caravan. Of course I told them, “WhattafuggIwantwiddacaravanat’sgotnofugginwheels?”

So instead I get to give away the Guy Ritchie Blu-ray three pack, which includes Snatch, Layer Cake, and Revolver.  I don’t really know what Layer Cake has to do with Guy Ritchie, but it is a kick-ass movie.  First person to send me a funny gypsy/pikey-related photo or photoshop gets it.

MONDAY 3:40 EST: Contest closed, Mighty Fek’lhr wins with the first entry.

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