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(“Dear John, What kind of film did they shoot this movie on?  You look like you’re made of clay. Sincerely, Blondie.”)

Opening this weekend:

Dear John
Get ready for the sappiest, Mormonest, most love storyinest movie around, starring the mumbliest wigger in Hollywood, Channing Tatum.  (Say what you will about Michael Rapaport, dude can enunciate).  An, yo, dawg, promotin’ dis movie ain’t got nuffin to do wiff why C-Tates done started dis website about love, ya heard?  Post tha love, son, fa real.

From Paris with Love
Yes, it looks kinda dumb, and John Travolta’s look has gone crossed the line from masculine into male-impersonator status, but I’m willing to remain open to the possibility that it’s dumb fun.  The critics don’t seem to like it much.  Look, I’m stretching to say something nice here, because it looks like Travolta’s trying really, really hard.

After the jump: Trailers for both, plus Amanda Seyfried’s tender love song.

From Paris with Love

Dear John

Amanda Seyfried’s Love Song

*burns bra*

Aw crap, my bad. I thought I was at Lilith Fair for a second there.

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