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04.06.09 31 Comments

Remember when Chris Jericho came on Larry King to get all pretend pissed that Mickey Rourke pretend called him out during his press tour for The Wrestler?  And then Mickey Rourke was going to pretend wrestle in Wrestlemania but pulled out?  Well last night, Rourke showed up at Wreslemania anyway, and jumped in the ring to pretend box Chris Jericho.  Said the announcers, “Rourke’s gotta remember, nobody’s gonna yell ‘cut’.”  It’s true, no one cares how bad your acting is at Wrestlemania.  Because the crowd are mouth-breathing dimwits, you see. Other than that, it was just your average, two guys with highlighted hair, one with a ponytail and leather vest, the other in a speedo and knee-high boots, pretend fighting each other kind of night. Reminds me of Thanksgiving, really.

I like this Mickey Rourke better.

[hat tip: CHUD]

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