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11.05.07 21 Comments

Hollywood Reporter is reporting (typical, right?) that Zach Galifianakis has signed on to play major parts in two movies.  And really, I’ll take any excuse to post Galifianakis clips; he’s one of the best comedians out there.

For one thing, this YouTube clip was called "Zach G. hopes 4 a better tommorrow w/out Dane Cook".  I like him ’cause he’s… subtle.

In Tom Vaughan’s "[What Happens in Las Vegas…]" for Fox, the actor plays Dave the Bear, an anti-marriage guy who wigs out after his best bud, Jack (Kutcher), marries Joy (Diaz) during a wild, drunken night in Sin City.

In Hoyt Yeatman’s "G-Force," for Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Prods., he stars as the lead government scientist in charge of a guinea pig commando program, helping send the highly trained elite agents on a dangerous mission.

Oh crap, Ashton Kutcher and Jerry Bruckheimer?  Don’t do it, Zach!  Remember, ya dance wit’ Jerry Bruckheima, Jerry Bruckheima don’t change, Jerry Bruckheima changes you.

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