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05.14.10 23 Comments

French producer and Notre Dame bell-ringer Thomas Langmann (see below) has announced that his production company La Petite Reine is fast-tracking the film Fantomas for a $70 million budget production for France and the U.S. The film is based on a series of graphic detective novels about a clever killer, who I assume is a jerk to Americans.

Langmann said the film will be heavily influenced by The Dark Knight, except whereas Bruce Wayne has a Batmobile and high-tech gadgets, the character Fantomas will ride a 10-speed bike, wear a beret and have a stupid mustache. Look, I posted this partly because I’m a huge dork fan of classic detective stories, but who are we kidding? I’m here for some easy French jokes.

Surrender to Germany, Variety:

Written by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre, and first published in 1911, the 43 “Fantomas” novels follow Fantomas, an ingenious but amoral master of disguise and sadistic killer. The literary franchise is also a Gallic national crime fiction treasure, having yielded multiple big- and smallscreen and comic-book adaptations.

Influenced by “The Dark Knight,” Langmann said, Gans’ adaptation sees Fantomas facing off with a villain of equal or even more dastardly dimensions. Pic will shoot in French and English, and begin casting shortly.

I went to the movies one time when I was in Paris, and it was a pretty awesome experience. We drank beer and smoked cigarettes the whole time while watching The Rock with sh*tty French dubbing and poorly written English subtitles. But to the point, the story of Fantomas is pretty cool – There’s this mortician named the Tall Man and he’s from another dimension and he builds dwarf slaves out of body parts from dead people and he kills all these people in the town so he can send the dwarves back to his dimension to be slaves. Wait, what? Oh, that’s Phantasm. Whatever.

Hey, what did the Mexican Juggalo tell his waiter? “Fanta mas.” *dodges tomato*

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