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10.06.09 19 Comments

Every day I wake up hoping that something zombie related will come out that’s so lame that it will finally make people as tired of zombies as I am.  How is this concept still going strong?  It’s like the “Don’t Stop Believin'” of movie clichés.  Anyway, historically, no one’s better at making stuff uncool than the Mormons (they make banging five chicks at once seem lame!), which is why I have high hopes for Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite)’s new web series, “Woke Up Dead.”  It’s about a 20-something loser zombie with student loans or something. I’m sure tons of people will watch it, because all the kids are watching web serieses these days.  It’s all about iPod and web 2.0 and kindle and keyboard cat, at least that’s what my granddaughter says.  I never know what the hell she’s talking about anymore.   Here’s what creator John Fasano (who looks like a Harry Shearer character) had to say:

This was a re-imagination of the zombie mythology, and an allegory for the disconnection of youth.

Hold the phone, the zombies are an allegory?  My bad, this is brilliant.  Also, Newman.

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