‘Batman V Superman’ Might Not Be What Warner Bros. Is Expecting

02.13.16 2 years ago 35 Comments

Deadpool is exceeding all expectations and even greenlighting its own sequel before opening weekend concludes. The film also won the heart of Betty White, which goes to show how crossappeal is a true indicator of a comic book movie’s prowess. Things are looking up for the Merc with a Mouth and his chimichangas, and we’ll likely see a lot more of the beloved antihero. It’s all rainbows and uphill sunshine for Marvel and 20th Century Fox.

What doesn’t hold a lot of crossappeal, however, is the specter of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice looming dark on the horizon. Sure, hardcore comic fans will watch the film even if they’re weary of Zack Snyder’s tendency to stir up a murky mess. But the film won’t draw in too many audience members (like Betty White) who weren’t intent on watching it from inception.

In the spirit of crushing spirits, Drew McWeeny of HitFix filmed an interview that wonders if DC/Warner Bros. is “scared” of what will happen when Dawn of Justice arrives. Will the film jeopardize DC’s entire future slate? McWeeny says Warner Bros. is starting to freak the hell out. Of course, none of this could be true, but these rumors are still interesting to consider:

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