Karl Urban Claims ‘Dredd 2’ Is In Development, Bless His Heart

In news we hope is true but can’t bring ourselves to believe in, Karl Urban is still saying a Dredd sequel is in development. Even though Dredd didn’t become a big box-office draw in 2012, it grossed more than Lionsgate expected in DVD sales and garnered a cult following, so rumors of a sequel have bubbled for awhile. Screenwriter Alex Garland (Ex Machina) shot down the rumors, presumably with shots moving in ultra slow motion, awesomely.

But the titular Judge Dredd Karl Urban has been more enthusiastic about the possibility of having another job, saying in 2014 that a sequel’s still possible and adding just last month that “conversations are happening” to bring a Dredd sequel to Netflix or another online platform. Now he’s been singing the same song at Denver Comic-Con.

According to Science Fiction, when a fan at Karl Urban’s Denver Comic-Con panel asked if he’d do Dredd 2 for the money even if the script was bad, Urban reportedly joked that he could use “a new house” before answering in earnest. He reportedly confirmed Dredd 2 is still in development. According to Science Fiction, “There is an interest from established creatives and [Urban says he] would do the sequel if he felt it had depth and substance.”

He also reportedly said they haven’t yet determined the right platform (theatrical release, Netflix, Amazon, a TV series, or something else). Is it too late to request they condense it into a liquid we can inhale directly into our lungs?

(Via Science Fiction and ONTD)