2 Chainz And Ty Dolla Sign Open A Trap Salon In Their Opulent ‘Girls Best Friend’ Video

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla Sign make a pretty impressive play to make it on the list as a strong number two option with their new video, “Girl’s Best Friend.” It’s about, of course, those shiny, refined lumps of coal, but it’s also about 2 Chainz quest to pamper his lady friends with luxury goods and other amenities, just because.

It opens with the lead sitting at home falling asleep in front of the TV while watching an infomercial for “Deucey’s Trap Salon,” a not-so-subtle reference to 2 Chainz and his latest business endeavor. When she knocks out completely, she dreams about being sucked into the salon’s fantasy world, where Chainz entertains while the customers get their “hair done, nails did, and get pampered like the beautiful queens they truly are.”

The video, directed by Sebastian Sdaigui, is an internet makeup enthusiast’s dream as well, as the lead goes from basic to glam thanks to the techs at 2 Chainz opulent salon. 2 Chainz is all the way in his punchline bag on the verses, claiming he flosses like a root canal and that he’s too good to be in line at the bank before switching up to a half-sung hashtag flow — literally. As a peek into what he’s been working on for his next album, “Girl’s Best Friend” is a little bit of a departure — hopefully, there’s more where that came from.