Beyonce And Jay-Z’s ‘On The Run II’ Tour Includes Photos Of The Couple’s Intimate Bedroom Moments

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Beyonce and Jay-Z kicked off their highly anticipated “On The Run II” tour on June 6 in Cardiff, Wales, and even before it started, we knew it was going to be a spectacle. Obviously, it features two of the planet’s biggest performers together on stage, so of course the show is going to have top-tier production value. Their tour announcement also featured striking African-inspired imagery, and their attention-grabbing photos didn’t end there. Fans who snagged a copy of the “On The Run II” tour book have noticed that in its pages are some pretty steamy pictures of music’s preeminent power couple.

One photo features Jay-Z and Beyonce in bed, with the latter reading a newspaper and wearing nothing but a thong. In another, the two lie in bed, naked and holding each other while Jay-Z looks into the camera. Then there’s a photo of Beyonce on a beach, shot from behind wearing only a shirt, which she is taking off.

Not all the shots are this steamy, though, as there are pictures of Beyonce posing in outfits that cover more skin, and photos of the happy couple enjoying their time together in less intimate environments. American fans will have a chance to get their own copy of the tour book when Beyonce and Jay-Z bring their show to North America, beginning with their July 25 performance in Cleveland.

Check out some of the photos above and below. Also find Jay-Z and Beyonce’s upcoming tour dates below.

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