Cardi B Grooves Through A Stunning ‘Be Careful’ On ‘SNL’ While Revealing Her Pregnancy

No matter who you are it was going to be hard, perhaps even impossible to follow up that first performance. But, Cardi B doesn’t do anything because it’s easy. Only a few seconds into her ode to Lauryn Hill: “Be Careful.” It was clear that this woman was born to perform and is more at home on stage than you might be lazing around on the couch watching.

But no one has ever accused the former erotic dancer, reality TV star, internet sensation, and social media diva of being lazy. In fact far from it. Whether it’s releasing mix tapes or doing self-promotion, Cardi B has proven time and time again that she is slavishly devoted to becoming the de facto bad bitch rapper in this world.

And that’s with a baby on the way. The first performance hid her baby bump, but the second featured her in a tight, whit getup that accentuated her bump, and proved the rumors were true — Cardi B is pregnant.