Drake Surprises A Store Full Of Strangers In Miami By Paying For $50K Worth Of Groceries

Getty Image

Drake can’t seem to stop doing nice things for people. His “random acts of kindness” streak continued as he stopped by Sabor Tropical Supermarket in Miami Beach to pay for shoppers’ groceries, a tab that wound up coming out to around $50,000, according to E! News. Of course, Drake was one of Forbes‘ Hip-Hop Cash Kings last year, so for him, that money is like a drop in a bucket, but “being kind to others” is the right bucket to put his drops in.

The Boy from Toronto has been putting a lot of drops in that bucket lately. Yesterday, it was reported that he donated $50,000 to a University Of Miami student, and before that, he came through with a giant, cardboard $25,000 check for the students of Miami Senior High School as he shot the video for his no. 1 single, “God’s Plan,” in their hallways.

Maybe he’s been feeling so generous because of his recent reflection on just how far he’s come since touting booking Chris Bosh’s birthday party on his first press kit. Or — depending on how cynical you are — he could possibly be gearing up to release an album and building up goodwill through calculated charity. Either way, it’s great to see rappers doing good and giving back; if more rappers want to steal pages from Chance The Rapper’s book, it only benefits the communities they’re giving back to.