Drake Trolled Bucks Co-Owner’s Daughter Mallory Edens After The Raptors Won Game 5

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On Thursday night, the Toronto Raptors beat the Milwaukee Bucks and no one was happier than Drake. The Global Ambassador for the franchise, Drake made a spectacle of himself during this postseason, to the extent that he’s become a significant talking point after a Game 4 win in Toronto.

Drake was all over the sideline, at one point getting a bit too close to Raptors head coach Nick Nurse than many Bucks fans, and executives, were comfortable with. Some thought his display in Toronto was disrespectful, including Mallory Edens — daughter of Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Wes Edens and a frequent sight courtside at Buck’s home games.

That’s probably why Edens wore a t-shirt with Virginia rapper Pusha T’s face on it to Thursday night’s Game 5.

In 2018, Pusha T engaged in a highly-publicized beef with the Canadian rapper and famously revealed that Drake had fathered a child that he had not yet announced to the public. The shirt was a not-so-subtle dig at the famous Raptor fan, who proudly promised a crowd in Toronto that the Raptors were headed to the Finals after their Game 5 win.

Drake, however, would have the last word in the new feud on Thursday night. Following Toronto’s victory, the 32-year-old rapper changed his Instagram avatar to a picture of the 23-year-old.

He then posted a photo of her to his Instagram story writing, “All is fair in love and war and trust me I’ll still get you tickets to ovo fest ?.”

Edens, who has a sizeable following on both Twitter and Instagram, has yet to respond on either platform. But if there’s a Game 7, it’s likely she’ll be back courtside in Milwaukee, as Drake is certain to be courtside in Toronto for Game 6.