Eminem Is Reissuing ‘Slim Shady’ With Bonus Tracks For The 20 Year Anniversary

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Twenty years after Eminem‘s breakthrough album Slim Shady was released in 1999, fans are able to get a special reissue. Eminem announced on Twitter on Friday that the album is also available on streaming services. “Happy bday Shady!” The rapper tweeted.

The reissued LP is complete with bonus tracks as well. Ten bonus tracks appear on the album, making the Slim Shady LP Expanded Edition 30 tracks in total. Bonus tracks include “Hazardous Youth (A Cappella),” “Get You Mad,” “Bad Guys Always Die” from the Wild Wild West soundtrack. Three versions of “Guilty Conscience” featuring Dr. Dre are also included as bonus tracks.

Listen to the full expanded edition on all streaming platforms.

The Slim Shady LP was originally released on February 23rd of 1999 and was produced by Dr. Dre Detroit’s Bass Brothers. The album broke Eminem out into rap stardom who rapped mostly about his alter ego, Slim Shady. The record sold 5.5 million copies in the US alone. In an interview with the Detroit Times in 1999, Eminem discussed his inspiration behind the music and alter ego.

(People were saying,) “You shouldn’t rap. You should go into rock ‘n’ roll. Why don’t you try alternative? Blah blah blah.” A lot of that s— was pissing me off, and I started releasing that anger in songs.

That’s when I found myself.