Frank Ocean Has Re-Released His Limited Edition ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Magazine

02.25.19 4 weeks ago

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When Frank Ocean released his Blonde album in 2016, some folks were fortunate enough to also get their hands on Boys Don’t Cry, a limited edition magazine that Ocean gave away at pop-up shops. That magazine hasn’t been easy for fans to track down, but now Ocean has made the process less complicated: His webstore is back online, and fans can buy themselves a reissued copy of Boys Don’t Cry.

It’s not free this time, though: Ocean is selling the 368-page publication for $80, which is significantly less than it would be if you tried to buy an original copy right now. The magazine was originally only available at pop-up shops for Ocean’s Blonde album, and naturally, that led to a huge demand for it in the resell market: Shortly after its release, copies of Boys Don’t Cry were listed on eBay for up to a thousand dollars. That price hasn’t come down much over the past couple years either: eBay listings for the magazine that ended in the past few months fetched sale prices between $300 and $700.

Fans who do decide to cop the reissue will have some interesting content on their hands: Among other things, Boys Don’t Cry features a poem by Kanye West titled The McDonald’s Man, which is pretty much what it sounds like.

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