Will Smith Still Hasn’t Changed His Mind About A ‘Fresh Prince’ Reboot

With Fuller House, Girl Meets World, Power Rangers, X-Files, Baywatch, and other ’90s TV shows getting reboots, our obsession for throwback everything is officially at its peak, making the chatter for a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot louder than ever. In fact, fans already have it all mapped out for the powers that be.

Rather than a show centering around Will Smith’s iconic character getting shipped off to Bel-Air to live with his rich family, the reboot would star Jaden Smith. After living the good life in Bel-Air, Jaden would be sent to West Philadelphia by his dad Will to get a dose of reality. It sounds like an interesting plot, except Will is nowhere near interested in a Fresh Prince reboot.

While on a press run for his latest movie, Collateral Beauty, the now 48-year-old actor killed all hope for his involvement in any upcoming Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot. “I’m not doing it,” Smith flat-out told Entertainment Tonight. “If somebody wanted to, I would probably let them, but I have no intention.” And Jaden playing a rich kid shipped off to West Philly? Nah, that’s not happening either.

“Nooooo!,” he also told Extra TV about Jaden being on the show. Smith much prefers for Fresh Prince to remain unsullied by a remake/reboot. “Just leave that alone,” he added. Hopefully, this means people will stop asking the actor for a reboot. Earlier this year, Smith said the only way you’d see him involved with a new version of the classic show is if hell freezes over. So unless Satan is spotted doing a triple axel, a Fresh Prince reboot with Will just isn’t happening. Let it go already.