Kanye West’s SNL Performance Of ‘I Love It’ With Lil Pump Was Suitably Surreal

Lil Pump forever owes Kanye West a debt of gratitude for giving him his first real big break on national TV (although his viral single “Gucci Gang” was referenced in a previous sketch). The Chicago rapper and producer brought the young Floridian upstart onto his Saturday Night Live appearance to perform their raunchy new single “I Love It.” Song guest Adele Givens reprised her appearance in the video for the song via a pre-recorded sequence of her diatribe on the screen behind the two rappers, who traded in their oversized, video game-esque square sits for water bottle costumes. It was a little like a surreal, sexed-up version of the first episode of Hey Arnold!

Kanye caused a stir online this week when he revealed that his latest album would be titled Yandhi and it would be debuting during his SNL performance this weekend. The album features a posthumous appearance from the late, controversial, Florida rapper XXXtentacion, as well as another Soundcloud rap rabble rouser in the colorful Tekashi 69.

Mr. West detailed more information about the upcoming project during a TED Talk style appearance at the offices of The Fader while wearing his now trademark “Make America Great Again” cap and an incongruous sweatshirt emblazoned with the name of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

As it turns out, Kanye’s SNL appearance tonight was prompted by the last-minute cancelation of the original musical guest, Ariana Grande, for “emotional reasons.” She also skipped the recent Emmy Awards for similar reasons, which many believe stem from the untimely death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.