Kevin Hart Thinks Meek Mill’s Arrest And Release Could Help Reform The Prison System

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TMZ recently caught up with Philadelphia native Kevin Hart to get his perspective on Meek Mill‘s ongoing ordeal with the courts and prison system and possible impending release. Hart’s answer illuminated the importance of such a high-profile case in the ongoing fight for justice system reform.

“Everything happens for a reason,” Hart opined. “Meek going to jail and his story now coming out is going to force the system to do better. They’re not gonna have a choice because you’re looking at injustice at a very high level. Unfortunately, it happened to Meek… his head is up, he’ll be out soon, and when he comes out, he’s gonna be better than ever.”

Hart also looked at the potential lasting impact of Meek’s case in providing a role model for the youth: “I think now a younger generation gets to see what not to do and what not to be. And he’s gonna have a high voice and make sure that message is given very clearly.”

When asked if he thinks police corruption is done in Philly after it was revealed that Meek’s arresting officer’s name was on a DA “do not call” list of suspect officers, Hart offered, “You never know, you can only hope that it gets better.”

Meek Mill’s case brought national attention to inherent issues of the probation system when he was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison after violating on his probation terms from an arrest from over ten years ago, that may have been illegitimate at the time.