More Sketchy Allegations About Meek Mill’s Probation Nightmare Have Surfaced

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Meek Mill is currently incarcerated on a 2-to-4 year sentence that appears more unfair by the day. He was determined to have violated his probation by presiding judge Genece Brinkley because of a confluence of minor incidents, including riding dirt bikes and miscommunication over his traveling schedule. While those are indeed misdeeds, they don’t seem to be worth 2-to-4 years in prison — and the FBI is getting to the bottom of it. If that sentence isn’t harsh enough, Meek’s lawyer Joe Tacopina has resolved the entire time that Brinkley has an infatuation with Meek as a client. She’s alleged to have asked Meek to perform a remake of a Boyz II Men song mentioning her, and even asked him to leave industry-leading Roc Nation management to rejoin his former manager Charlie Mack.

If Tacopina is to be believed, Brinkley has clearly crossed the line of professionalism in this case. We’re about to get proof one way or the other, as TMZ reports that Meek is close to receiving a transcript of his case which will show if Brinkley truly asked for the song and for Meek to change managers. Another Philly judge ordered the release of the papers, which, if proven true, could go a long way to explaining his harsh sentence.

TMZ also reported that a court Clerk allegedly asked Meek for money for their child’s college tuition, which is another gross violation of duty. It seems far fetched that Tacopina would put his legal career on the line and go to these lengths to vindicate Meek if the allegations were completely baseless, but we’ll see. In the meantime, controversy like this are why his advocates, from the industry to the Philly streets, are screaming “Free Meek” until Meek’s free.