A 17-Year Old Lil Wayne’s Lyrics Notebook That Survived Hurricane Katrina Is Selling For $250,000

03.25.19 4 months ago

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Y’all remember when Cash Money Records was taking over for the nine-nine? Well, Lil Wayne’s lyric notebook from 1999 has been recovered and is now being put on sale. At this time, Weezy was one of the Hot Boys and was just about ready to enter the scene and really take over. Before he changed the game by winning one of the most important Grammy awards, performed at Super Bowls, or started doing shows like Saturday Night Live, Wayne was putting pen-to-paper and making some dope rhymes.

In this notebook, you’ll find lyrics for Hot Boys’ songs like “We On Fire” and “I Feel.” According to the original TMZ report, the notebook was found in a car that was once-owned by Cash Money Records. The car was taken back by the dealership and in that process the notebook was uncovered. It contains water damage due to Hurricane Katrina but it survived and looks to be in fairly good condition.

Wayne has come a long way since his first studio album Tha Block Is Hot in 1999. Since, he’s had double-digit top-ten charting albums with his most recent, Tha Carter V, coming out in 2018. If you’re interested and have a few extra dollars to put together, you can go ahead and grab a piece of rap history for yourself from the company Moments In Time.

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