Chance The Rapper Just Dropped A Whopping Four Singles — And You Can Listen Here

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Chance The Rapper just dropped four songs -– which come as only a bit of a surprise. The Chicago rapper took to Twitter tonight to announce four new songs: “65th & Ingleside,” “Wala Cam,” “Workout,” and “I Might Need Security” were immediately available on It’s not clear if the songs are part of an EP or a batch of singles from an upcoming album, but they’re the latest offerings from the busy rapper currently planning projects with Kanye West and Donald Glover.

On Monday, Chance’s hometown Chicago Tribune published a piece in which he promised a new album “this week.” His fans were abuzz with anticipation of a Coloring Book followup until he took to Twitter the next morning to announce that there was no album, but he had “been in the stu tho.”

Now we can hear just a bit of what Chano has been cooking up. The four songs offer disparate glimpses of Chance’s artistry. On “I Might Need Security,” he chastises Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel for his poor response to continued police brutality in the city by noting, “I’m expecting a resignation / and open investigation on all these paid vacations for murderers.” He also announced ownership of Chicago-based website Chicagoist from WNYC in order to “run you racist b*tches out of business.” Chance may be busy with music, but he’s still paying attention to what’s going on in his hometown — and now provides an outlet for some of his fellow Chicagoans to speak on it too. You can listen to the four tracks below:

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