New Hampshire Police Are Asking Lil Nas X Fans To Stop Bringing Horses To Their Old Town Road

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Police in a small New Hampshire town are apparently experiencing a minor invasion of local aspiring rappers and Lil Nas X fans, as they recently posted a notice to their Facebook page requesting for people to stop bringing their horses down to their real-life Old Town Road for social media videos. Apparently, the viral hit has inspired enough people to disturb traffic in the town that the Marlborough Police Department was willing to risk confusing residents with a social media post of their own:

“Please stop taking your horses down to our Old Town Road,” the Facebook post reads. “This quiet neighborhood off Troy Road is not a suitable filming location for your amateur rap videos. For our older followers, please disregard this pop culture reference and continue your equestrian activities as usual.”

The notice may not stop folks from passing through to get a picture for their profiles — seriously, who uses Facebook anymore? — but it does serve to highlight just one more way that the track’s endless meme-ability has helped it clinch the top Billboard Hot 100 spot for over seven weeks. Even after two months of cultural ubiquity, many still aren’t sure if it’s a country song with rap appeal or a rap song mimicking country traitsRambo: Last Blood trailer, anyone? Still, in these divided times, it’s nice to see something that brings people together, even if it is causing horse-related headaches anywhere there’s an actual Old Town Road.