Nipsey Hussle’s Contributions To Los Angeles Will Be Officially Recognized By Congress

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Nipsey Hussle’s death has had a significant impact on the hip-hop community, and that’s not just because of his music. Hussle was an important part of Los Angeles, and he had done a lot to help improve the area. Congresswoman Karen Bass, who represents LA, recognizes that, and she has decided to honor Hussle by formally entering his contributions into the Congressional Record.

Bass tweeted last night, “I will be heading to the House Floor next week to formally enter Nipsey Hussle’s contributions to South Los Angeles into the Congressional Record where it will be a part of United States history forever.”

According to the United States Senate website, the Congressional Record “is a substantially verbatim account of the remarks made by senators and representatives while they are on the floor of the Senate and the House Of Representatives. It also includes all bills, resolutions, and motions proposed, as well as debates and roll call votes.”

Uproxx’s Aaron Williams recently summarized some of the the things Hussle had done and was planning to do for his community:

“Before he died, he told me his plans: How he was working with the city to build up the Crenshaw district, while working inside the district itself to curb gang violence, provide jobs, opportunities, and services he knew no one from outside the city would provide. He used connections within the system to create the leverage he needed to build up his neighborhood from within, then used those connections to make sure that he protected it from outside forces like gentrification forcing out residents. His next project was an apartment complex that would have ensured residents had affordable housing as the rail line through the neighborhood opened, bringing retail and revenue to the area, keeping the people who built the neighborhood at home.”

Furthermore, he was scheduled to talk with the LAPD about gang violence the day after he died, and he was reportedly helping a friend in need when he was fatally shot.

Read our obituary of Hussle here.

Nipsey Hussle is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.

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