Post Malone Debuts A Bold New Hairstyle And People Are Raving

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Post Malone has had a scary couple months after a plane emergency and car crash – and maybe he’s looking to shave the bad memories away. The Beerbongs & Bentley artist is now sporting a new shorter ‘do. He acknowledged the new look on Twitter, noting that he “had 2 big ass dreads” before the big chop. After the high of seeing his genre-bending Beerbongs & Bentley album reach number one on the charts off the strength of songs like Rockstar Star, his ride has since been a little shaky – literally and figuratively.

This August, the Texas artist’s private plane had to make an emergency landing after two tires blew. A day after his VMA performance, he was on his way to the UK from New Jersey’s Teterboro airport when the mishap happened. He had to fly an extra three hours to lose enough fuel for a safe landing, a circumstance he recently said had him “fucking freaked out.” Just weeks after that, Post was in a car crash in Hollywood. Superstitious fans think his string of bad luck may be related to him opening a haunted spirit box on on Ghost Adventures. Who knows, but maybe a clean chop will equal a clean slate.

Check out what some people had to say about Post’s new look below: