Post Malone Added Tyga And Roddy Ricch To The ‘Wow.’ Remix As A Surprise For Fans

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Post Malone’s latest hit song “Wow.” is hitting a new high with the release of the remix featuring Tyga and Roddy Ricch. While Post has been in the news for for his beef with Yelawolf, he’s not hitting the breaks on his own tracks, either. Last week, Malone’s manager put fans on notice to be ready for a surprise coming up as it pertained to this song, and he wasn’t lying.

“#WOW up to # 7 while sunflower sits pretty in top 5,” posted long-time manager Dre London. “Next week look out for surprise. We need WOW to head up #1 spot.”

The song had already hit the top ten but Post, who is no stranger to record-topping songs, definitely has more in mind with this track. Post now has three songs that have hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts with “Rockstar,” “Psycho,” and “Sunflower.” Now with this new remix, you can expect “Wow.” to likely jump a few spots up from seven.

Tyga is no stranger to hopping on remixes, either. It seems like every month you’ll find a Tyga verse on a new version of a track and to see him pair up with Roddy Ricch is always welcome. Ricch definitely doesn’t carry the name that the other two do (yet) but he arguably puts together the best verse on the entire track. Roddy is on his way and this remix will definitely help him get his name out there. Listen to the full track below.