Migos’ Takeoff Has No Wikipedia Page And Fans Consider This A Grave Injustice

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Poor Takeoff. He’s already had to endure nearly three years of jokes about his status as Migos‘ oft-overlooked third wheel, even sparking the infamous Everyday Struggle altercation with his challenge to DJ Akademiks’ insensitively worded inquiry about his “Bad ‘N’ Boujee” verse. While he brothers in arms have each released joint tapes alongside some of rap’s hottest stars, Takeoff’s handful of solo efforts have made little impact on the public perception that he’s the lesser third of Atlanta’s trap-running trio. Now, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that he’s even been overlooked by the internet’s favorite knowledge repository, Wikipedia.

“Spare a moment’s thought for Takeoff, the only member of Migos without his own Wikipedia page,” wrote one concerned fan on Twitter today, posting a screenshot as visual proof that while the Migos entry on Wikipedia hyperlinks both Offset and Quavo’s names, Takeoff’s is just plain text.


More fans followed up with expressions of confusion and consternation about Takeoff’s solo omission from Wikipedia’s databanks. As another user pointed out, “Every single episode of Friends has its own Wikipedia page but Takeoff from Migos doesn’t.”


While the complaints stretch back up to a few months ago, the number of tweets demanding justice for Takeoff have spiked dramatically in recent hours. Even though he’s the least visible Migo in general thanks to his low-key demeanor and his partners’ higher-profile relationships (he’s also the least melodically-inclined of the three, which probably lends to the appearance that he doesn’t do as much as the other two), it seems his contributions, especially on the megasized Culture II, have not gone unobserved. Hopefully, all the renewed attention on the rapper’s plight will lead to Wikipedia’s crowd-sourced contributors finally giving him the page he deserves.