Tyler The Creator Teased A Rib-Cracking New Song Along With His Latest Look In A Trippy Video

Tyler The Creator supposedly has a new project on the way for summer and appears ready to debut a new look along with a new sound. Although he’s being his usual cagey self about revealing details, he did share a mysterious video on social media that may give a hint as to which way he’s going on whatever he’s been cooking up.

The video features three rows of Tyler’s face all revealing varying degrees of consternation and showing off his new haircut, a high-topped, gold-dyed fade straight from Meteor Man. He’s got an afro pick firmly jammed at a jaunty angle in the thickest part of his new ‘do, and one of the Tylers nods along to the rib-cracking beat, based on a breakbeat and a buzzing bassline.

Tyler has high expectations to clear after his last last album, Flower Boy, displayed tremendous lyrical and personal growth for the onetime rabble-rouser. If his recent performances at festivals like Something In The Water are anything to judge by, the new, improved, more mature Tyler is here to stay, but he’s still got plenty of the old firestarter energy that he used to display early in his career.

If this new video is indeed an indication of a new phase for Tyler The Creator, June can’t get here soon enough.