Wale Gets Contemplative On His Soulful, Surprise ‘It’s Complicated’ EP


What’s Wale’s next label situation? How does he feel about the search? How is the circumstance affecting his personal life? It’s Complicated. After recently dropping “All-Star Breakup” and “Staying Power,” the DC rapper has released a surprise 4-track EP. He dropped It’s Complicated after a pair of ominous, eleventh-hour tweets last night. ‘Thank u all for ur patience . Now… I been thinkin about my next move,” he said. Wale then decided to let us know, “I wrote a story about ‘a’ love life …in the midst of figuring out to ‘go next.’” Hence the title of the project, which could also easily be about his legacy and current standing in the rap game.



The EP’s title track sets the mood for the project, with a lush, soulful soundscape serving as the perfect canvas for Wale to delve into a spoken word-style examination of a relationship that can’t reach its full potential because of qualms from a previous one. That circumstance is further explored throughout the EP, where Wale shows that his penmanship and ability to craft a narrative is still intact. It’s not just a lyrical exercise, though. From the upbeat, funky vibes of “Effortless” to the minimalist, neo-soul-influenced “Let It Go,” Wale displays an impressive sonic versatility that shows why he’s one of the most underappreciated artists out there. You can stream It’s Complicated below.

[protected-iframe id=”c2ffaeaee3ce67810d330df06302fb4d-60970621-76566046″ info=”https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/4CnCrvt6JSim5VWPWWs8Ea” width=”650″ height=”380″ frameborder=”0″]