10 things we love about the new ‘Sex and the City 2’ trailer

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There are some things this pundit is an admitted fanatic of outside of the addictive pull of award season.  NBA basketball, Star Trek, old school house music and Ang Lee movies are just a few of them, but one franchise this writer has never been able to resist the pull of is “Sex and the City.”

Ever since Carrie and Co. appeared on HBO, this writer has found himself drawn to their ever-dramatic and highly entertaining exploits.  So, flaws aside, you may not want to hear my glowing review of the first “Sex and the City” movie or seen how excited I became when the first teaser trailer for the sequel was released in December.  Now, the final trailer for “Sex and the City 2” is available and probably only the Clippers landing the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft for the second year in a row could make Awards Campaign more excited.  Some of you may think this is certifiable, but we won’t judge your never ending devotion to “Lost,” “Transformers,” Phish or In-N-Out Burger if you don’t judge our love for “SATC.”

With that in mind, her are 10 reasons why we just love the new “Sex and the City 2” trailer (which you can watch embedded in this page or click here for a larger version).

10. Penelope Cruz
Look! An Oscar winner’s in the house!  We’re praying she appears in more than one scene.  The hype has got to add up to something more than a cameo, right?

9. Abu Dhabi has never looked so CG
We’ve never been to Saudi Arabia, but it looks like the tried to double it in Palm Springs instead of Morocco judging by those fake backdrops.  It must be a nod to the old Hollywood road pictures of the 50s!

8. A realistic look at raising kids on the Upper West Side
Poor Charlotte.  Can’t she hire a nanny or something?

7. It features one of HitFix’s favorite New York City hotels
That bar scene with Ms. Cruz and Mr. Big might just be the beautiful Empire Hotel also featured on “Gossip Girl.” Yep, it is.

6. Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda has another dramatic arc this time around

Well, maybe not, but at least she’s smiling.

5. Miley “I’m really an actress” Cyrus
Yes, the tween queen has a cameo. It’s very hard to find, but she walks the red carpet with Samantha (who are guessing is her publicist).

4. John Corbett is getting work besides “United States of Tara”
To be honest, we never understood why Carrie didn’t end up with Aidan.  His love for the woods and nature aside, they seemed perfect.  Now…they meet in the middle of an Arabian country.  We buy it, don’t you?

3. That theme gets us every time

Something about that orchestrated “Sex and the City” theme reminds always us of strolling down Park Avenue unable to afford anything in the sight, eating in a cramped Lower East Side “chic” restaurant and the difficulties of getting that damned video Taxi player to turn off after four or five drinks. Ah, memories.

2.  Is it us or does Kim Cattrall look better here than she did in the first movie?
Either she’s found an amazing dermatologist, the lighting was unflattering in “Ghost Writer” or the CG budget got bumped for the sequel.

1. It’s not Mr. Big who might stray — surprise — it’s Carrie!
Will audiences sympathize?  Hmmmmm. 

That “Prince of Persia” better watch out.  “Sex and the City 2” opens nationwide on May 28.

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