Box Office: ‘Toy Story 3’ blows away ‘Knight and Day’s opening day

06.24.10 9 years ago

After months of TV spots, odd marketing moves and date changes, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz couldn’t stand up to the return of Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

“Knight and Day” received fine notices among mostly mediocre reviews, but debuted on Wednesday with just a measly $3.8 million.  In comparison, “Toy Story 3” pulled in another $13.4 million in just its sixth day in theaters for a staggering new total of $154.4 million.  Things won’t get any easier for “Day” as it takes on another potential blockbuster, Adam Sandler and Kevin James’ “Grown Ups,” which could hit $50 million over the upcoming weekend. 

The 20th Century Fox release moved to Wednesday in order to avoid clashing with “Grown Ups” directly, but probably would have been better served opening in Nov. or Dec. instead.  Now, the pricey thriller is looking at just a $22-25 million five day gross at best.  With a rumored $140 million plus budget, Cruise and Fox will have to hope the thriller plays much stronger overseas to recoup its costs.

Still strong in the third slot was “Karate Kid” with another $2.97 million and a mammoth $117 million to date.

Look for continuing box office reports on HitFix throughout the weekend.

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