HitFix Interview: Confident Flo Rida goes ‘Right Round’ on new album ‘The Only One’

04.27.10 9 years ago

Flo Rida knows a thing or two about making records people like. His smash, “Right Round,” set a a record for the most digital downloads in one week. It broke the record he”d himself set with “Low.”

The buff rapper will now see if he can continue making history with his third album, ”The Only One,” which Flo rida tells Hitfix he”s recording right now.  He”s not lacking confidence, we”ll say that much about him.

The album title comes from, well, we”ll let him tell you: “I”m the only one that every time I drop a record, I make history,” he told us. “Every time I drop an album it”s a blessing because I”m doing things big and greater.”

Guests on this album include Lil Wayne on a track Flo Rida says is a real “club banger… I”m looking forward to getting a  couple more features, but right now, most of the record is by myself.”

There”s another, sweeter reason for the album”s title: it turns out that Flo Rida is the only boy in his immediate family. He has seven sisters. And they taught him a thing or two about how to treat women. Their biggest tips to their bro? “Always listening and to just respect them,” he says.

“Zoosk Girl,” a track from “The Only One” featuring T-Pain,  snuck out in late March.. What do you think?

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