First teaser for ‘Transformers: Dark Of The Moon’ debuts

12.08.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

The “Transformers” films so far have managed to frustrate many different demographics in many different ways.  I liked the first film, more than I typically like Michael Bay’s movies, but it seemed to make the hardcore “Transformers” fans from the ’80s crazy because of all the ways it messed around with the characters and situations they knew.  The second film frustrated anyone who likes coherence or narrative structure or non-racist robots.  And the idea of Michael Bay shooting a 3D movie for the third chapter in the franchise sounds like a whole new form of motion sickness waiting to be invented.

Today is the launch for the official marketing campaign on “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon,” the new sequel, and the biggest news for fans of the series is the release of the teaser trailer that you can see now in HD on  It’s a big teaser, too, set during the Apollo 11 moon landing, and the response today has been favorable from most people, even those who didn’t like the first or the second film.  I’m guessing this is actual footage from the film, not just something shot for a trailer, and it looks like the set-up for the film, a reveal that we found a crashed Autobots ship on the moon, complete with not-quite-dead robots inside.

Maybe I’m dumb, but wasn’t the teaser trailer for the first film pretty much the exact same idea, but set decades later and on Mars?

And if you were the people making “Apollo 18,” wouldn’t this teaser trailer give you fits?

I’m not sure I understand the timeline, either.  In the films, there was an Arctic discovery that tipped the US government to the notion that extraterrestrial life was real that happened before the turn of the century.  So are they supposed to be shocked by the reveal in the trailer that “we are not alone”?  I may be thinking about this too hard, though.  We are talking about a franchise, after all, that features a scene where John Turturro is menaced by the gigantic mechanical scrotum of a robot.

Also today, over at Ain’t It Cool, Capone posted his set visit for the film, and he offers up some major details about film and what to expect from it.  There were several online outlets who attended an event yesterday that showed them 20 minutes from the film, including the full version of this teaser sequence.  You can read a break-down of that at places like Collider, and much of what they heard from Bay yesterday about work in 3D matches the things I’ve heard from the people who worked for him on the film.  I’m very curious to see what his work looks like on the film, and even if I’m not expecting the script to suddenly change all of my feelings about the series, I’m hoping for something more fun than the last one, or at the very least, something that makes sense.  Within that, I want lots of big robot spectacle, and it sounds like that’s absolutely what we can expect.

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