HitFix Interview: Candice Woodcock, Danielle DiLorenzo talk ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’

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The first two times “Survivor” did All-Star seasons, the most notorious power players picked each other off and the winners ended up being two women — Amber and Parvati — who wouldn’t have been considered serious threats in the beginning. 
Perhaps that’s why as “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” began, Candice Woodcock and Danielle DiLorenzo were considered popular dark horses to win. Candice was the 13th player out on “Survivor: Cook Islands,” while Danielle was the runner-up in Panama. Neither one was really a straight-forward Hero or a straight-forward villain.
And for a long time Candice and Danielle lived up to their designated sleeper status. Danielle made an early alliance with fellow Villains Parvati and Russell, while Candice floated on the outside and proved adept at avoiding being targeted at Tribal Council.
Then, on Thursday (May 6) night’s episode, both were gone in the blind of an eye. In a double-elimination episode, Candice was punished for a strategically pointless flip-flop and Danielle learned what happens when Russell thinks you’re threatening him.
HitFix caught up with Candice and Danielle on Friday morning to discuss their surprising eliminations, Candice’s outsider status and Danielle’s notorious catfight with Amanda.
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HitFix: Before last night’s episode, I would have said the two of you were as safe as safe could be. Now you’re talking to me. I know what we saw on the episode, but from your point of view, what went wrong?
Candice Woodcock: That’s a loaded question.
Danielle DiLorenzo: Yeah, that’s a loaded one.
CW: For me, I sealed my fate when I sent Amanda home. That was definitely a mistake. Hindsight is 20/20, but I was not aware that Sandra was so set on voting with the Heroes. I thought that she was waffling back and forth. I had caught Amanda in a lie and so I didn’t feel safe with the Heroes. I felt like they were against me rather than with me. That was my mistake. Stepping down from the challenge last night was definitely a mistake, but I thought for sure it was Rupert going home. I let my head out of the game.
DD: For me, basically I just got emotionally involved and you can’t in this game. I’m human. I have feelings and I have emotions and as much as you try to hide that and not bring that into the game, it’s gonna happen. For me, I could say that I wish I didn’t break down, but in the same sense, I’m proud of myself for sticking up for myself and standing up to Russell, because I am a strong female and I don’t take that in the real world. I don’t let someone control me like that and I had to in this game, because I made the decision on Day One to align one. It just boiled up to this point of “I can’t deal with that anymore.” So I just had to give him a piece of my mind. And I did and I went home, but at least I went out strong.
HitFix: Both of you ultimately ended up putting a little too much faith or trust in Russell. Why do you think that was?
CW: I would say that I didn’t put my faith in Russell. I knew not to trust him from the time that he voted JT out. I was not going to go against him to his face, because he’s so aggressive of a player that as soon as he thinks that you’re against him, he’s going to vote you out. So I would just listen to him and shake my head and say “Yes” and agree with everything he said, but at the same time, I didn’t think that it was the right time to make a move against him. I thought, “Maybe let’s wait until we can vote Rupert out.” Russell had told me that he wanted to use me to get rid of Parvati and I knew that it would be in both of their best interests to get rid of one of the two of them. I figured that at the time when Russell decided he wanted to get rid of Parvati, that I would let Parvati know that and we’d work together with Parvati and Danielle and everybody else to get rid of Russell. But that never came to pass, so…
DD: I aligned with him on Day One. My whole strategy was to find two people and it just worked out that it was Russell and I liked Parvati and he wanted to work with Parvati. You get to the island and you want to align really quick because it’s an All-Star and people align quickly and if you wait, then you’ll be at the bottom of the barrel, so I figured… Yeah, as I started to play with him and I saw what he was like, yeah, I knew I would have to get rid of him eventually, but I knew I could at least make it to the merge with him and then go from there. That’s exactly what I did. I just think that he was threatened by me. After the fight with Amanda, he started to see how strong I was and he knew that he couldn’t control me anymore and he could control Parvati more. So that’s why he wanted to get me off, because he was threatened by my game-play and my alliance with Parvati and I think he knew that we were in talks about voting him off. I think he sensed it that day, because me, Sandra and Parvati, we aligned that day and we told each other that Russell had to go. It was just a matter of getting through that Tribal Council and we’d get him off at the next one. Yeah, it’s crazy from the viewers’ point of view, like “How did you say you trusted him?” But when you’re playing the game and you make a decision to align with somebody on Day One and you stick with them for 30-something days, it worked up until that point. And I knew that when it came down to an individual game, of course I couldn’t trust him. I saw how he was playing. But you have that bond with that person up until that point, so I was just waiting for the right time to vote him off. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that opportunity, but if I hadn’t gotten voted off, that was my next move.
HitFix: So you’re actually saying that he made the right move to turn on you when he did?
DD: Yeah. He did.
HitFix: Danielle, would you say that Russell was already ready to vote you out at that Tribal Council? Or do you really think you put your foot in your mouth and sealed your fate with the “We’re closer than you think” comment?
DD: I think I put my foot in my mouth. Me and Parvati convinced him not to vote me off. I think was definitely contemplating it, but after I said that, for sure that’s when he made his decision to threaten Jerri and tell her that if she didn’t write my name, she was next. But yeah. I definitely influenced that. For sure. But I’m human. What can I say? Like geez… Give me a break!
HitFix: Candice, while Danielle made a strong alliance early on, you floated freely outside several alliances without any ties. Was that an advantage or a disadvantage, do you think?
CW: It definitely wasn’t by choice. I would much rather have been in a tight alliance with somebody, but the Heroes just didn’t seem to… Well, the people who were in the majority didn’t seem to want to align with me or play with me and the people that were in the minority, who I wanted to play with, they got voted off. My hands were kinda tied. I basically just had to play to save myself all the time and I never really felt comfortable, like I was a part of the tribe, which I think ultimately led to the Heroes downfall, because they never made me feel like a part of the tribe and they never pulled me in tight. So it was easy for me to flip when things went downhill.
HitFix: When the “Heroes vs. Villains” theme was originally announced, you were two of the players whose categorizations confused a few people. Candice, why do you think you were a Hero? And Danielle, why were you a Villain?
CW: I’m not sure why they put me on the Heroes tribe based on the way I played before. Probably like everyone in the game, I feel like I’m a good person in real life, but based on the way I played the game, I felt like I was more suited to be on the Villains tribe, because of the mutiny. So I was a little confused myself. I’m with you.
DD: Me too. I don’t really know why I was a Villain. I think they just made a decision to put me on the Villains tribe. I don’t think there was any tactic behind it. I did do some villainous things, but I was playing the game. You know, I betrayed Courtney, but I was playing the game. So I don’t know. I was kind of shocked at first, but I embraced it and Villains were fun.
HitFix: So if you were miscategorized, do either of you think you’d have played a different game if you’d been placed on the opposite tribe?
DD: Oh my God!
CW: Yes.
DD: Yeah.
CW: I think that personally I would have had a much better time on the Villains tribe. It would have been easier for me and I would have been able to play my game, instead of being stuck with people who didn’t trust me. 
DD: I think it would have harder for me. I don’t think I could have taken all of those Alpha Males. I just would have lost it earlier on in the game.  It would have been a lot more challenging for me to find people I could work with. Obviously I got along with Candice and Amanda, but the males would have been an issue. They were an issue for me.
HitFix: Danielle, can I get your interpretation of that catfight with Amanda from the last episode?
DD: Oh my God. It was hysterical. Hilarious. I don’t know, it was like a heat-of-the-moment thing. She was desperate and I was never expecting her to do that. I saw a side of her that I hope I never see again in anybody, because it was so scary and malicious. I was just like, “Holy… goodness. She’s crazy right now and I’m scared to continue to play this game, because this got really ugly really fast.” I was shaking after she did it. I couldn’t believe it. It was underneath me. She went underneath me and grabbed it. Who does that? I know we’re playing a game for a million dollars. I get it. But come on. Relax. Don’t get up all in my space. She totally invade my space and I was offended and I got up and I convinced her to give it back to me. And Colby. It was just a very shocking think and that was just my reaction.
HitFix: My obligatory last question: You guys have both done this twice now. Would you do it again?
CW: That’s a tough question. I think it kinda gets in your bones and if they were to ask me again, I’d probably initially be like “No, I’m over it,” but I think I’d probably end up saying yes.
DD: I didn’t think I would do it a second time. But the game had definitely  gotten ugly. It’s evolved into something that’s totally different from the first time I played. But I think it would be hard for me to say no to the opportunity.
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