Movie Power Rankings: ‘The Avengers’ holds on to No. 1

05.11.12 7 years ago

We continue our weekly Crackle video countdown of the ten movies that have both Hollywood hot-shots and movie fans buzzing. To no one’s surprise (you’re not surprised, are you?), that little Marvel movie “The Avengers” holds on to the top spot for the third time in a row on our list. The reason is clear: $207 million is a lot of money for three days’ work. Disney has already publicly confirmed a sequel, but we’ll probably have to wait at least two years for it. For now, though, “The Avengers” is the movie to beat…until “The Dark Knight Rises” opens in July.

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From Crackle: Week of May 7, 2012

As for the rest of this week’s list…

May 11, 2012

1. “The Avengers” (Last week: No. 1)

Take that, Harry Potter! The Marvel superhero mash-up scored a jaw-dropping $207 million on opening weekend. 

2. “Dark Knight Rises” (Last week: No. 5)

The new trailer has fans buzzing about the new characters and plot lines in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film. Answers are coming. Patience, Bat-fans!

3. “The Amazing Spider-Man” (Last week: Not ranked)

The latest exciting trailer offers plenty of action, more of The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) and more mystery.

4. “Prometheus” (Last week: No. 7)

Ridley Scott’s sorta-prequel to “Alien” is officially Rated R. How will the rating affect its box office performance?

5. “Fast Six” (Last week: Not ranked)

She’s baaaaaaack! And she’s faster and furious-er!

6. “The Campaign” (Last week: Not ranked)

Who’s funnier? Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell are fighting for your vote.

7. “The Hunger Games” (Last Week: No. 4)

It has hunted down a stunning $615 million worldwide. Screenwriter Michael Arndt (“Little Miss Sunshine” and “Toy Story 3”) has been hired to pen a new draft of “Catching Fire.” 

8. “Snow White and the Huntsman” (Last week: No. 8)

New character posters stoke audience’s excitement for the grim Grimm fairy tale starring “Twilight’s” Kristen Stewart, “The Avengers'” Chris Hemsworth and “Prometheus'” Charlize Theron. 

9. “The Expendables 2” (Last week: Not ranked)

When discussing the sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s old man action movie, it’s difficult to speak in full sentences. New trailer. Chuck. Norris explosions. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis in smart car. Kicking Van Damme. Statham. Loud booms.

10. “Iron Man 3” (Last week: No. 10)

Slated to start shooting next month, the third Tony Stark adventure will be the first post-“Avengers” Marvel movie in theaters. Although Jessica Chastain is unfortunately out of the picture, will we get Rebecca Hall instead

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